Taste America’s Spirit – Bulleit Bourbon and Rye at The Distillery Bar, Capital Spirits Beijing

Taste America’s Spirit – Bulleit Bourbon and Rye at The Distillery Bar, Capital Spirits Beijing

Bulleit Bourbon and Rye, A Taste of the American Frontier at The Distillery Bar by Capital Spirits Beijing


Did you know Bourbon, American Whiskey, is an official spirit of the United States? A 1964 congressional resolution declares that no other country besides the USA can create whiskey and call it bourbon. Like Scotch, Champagne, and Cognac, Bourbon is among the most stringently defined forms of liquor. Although it’s a common misconception that all bourbon must come from Kentucky, bourbon can legally be made anywhere in the USA but it must be fermented with at least 51% corn (and the rest of it wheat, rye or barley) and it must be aged in new charred oak barrels.

To get a true taste of the frontier spirit at our bar, I recommend trying Bulleit, a classic American bourbon. Bulleit bourbon is based on a recipe that goes back to the 1880s and was considered lost until Tom Bulleit invested all his money into reviving his grandfather’s old bourbon recipe in the 1980s. To this day Bulleit Bourbon is distilled and aged in the old Bulleit family tradition. Its high rye content gives this whiskey a bold, spicy taste but with a smooth, clean finish. Limestone-filtered water from Kentucky provides a clean foundation for the bourbon’s character, while charred American oak barrels give its characteristic smoky finish.

At The Distillery Bar by Capital Spirits we carry Bulleit Bourbon as well as Bulleit Rye (made with 51% rye instead of corn).

At our bar try these whiskeys neat, on the rocks or in a classic bourbon cocktail. At the moment at The Distillery Bar we are featuring our signature Figuratively Speaking bourbon cocktail made with fresh ripe figs, mint, bourbon, and a touch of honey.


LOCATION: 辛寺胡同23号 (XinSi Hutong #23)
OPEN EVERY Mon -Sat 8PM – 12:30 AM (or later)
CLOSED on Sundays

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