Nordés Gin – An ESPECIAL Spanish Craft Gin

Nordés Gin – An ESPECIAL Spanish Craft Gin

Nordés Gin – An Especial Spanish Craft Gin


Who says you can’t judge a spirit by its bottle? Nordes Gin from the rugged Atlantic Galician coast of Spain has such a beautifully crafted bottle that it just screams something so especial that you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to try. And how very unique of a gin it is!

Let’s start with the technicals: Nordés uses Albariño wine as a base instead of the typical grain neutral spirit and then adds a very special selection of local, wild growing Galician botanicals including laurel, caralleira grass, lemon verbena, and eucalyptus. Then the spirit is further infused with Salicornia, juniper, cardamom, quinine, lemon zest, ginger, hibiscus, licorice and tea. After maceration, it is distilled slowly in pot stills and then cut to 40% ABV.

But hold on!

They only cook up this brew at certain times of the year as governed by the phases of the moon to be in complete sync with nature. Yes that’s right, just like the mythological daoism shit you hear about waiting for a full moon in order to get the green fairy into a good bottle of absinthe.   Snicker all you want but the result is unbelievable.

The smell features delicate herbal aromas, eucalyptus, licorice, ginger and lemon. Tastes gives off a medium density with not too strong bitter juniper flavors with a sunny fresh citrus floral finish.

I think Matthias was only able to grab one bottle (wtf?). So rush to The Distillery bar in Beijing while the supply lasts!!! The Distillery by Capital Spirits IS the Gin Bar of Beijing, with over 20+ craft gins from around the world. Enjoy flights, speciality cocktails and of course our own house distilled gin.

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